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The SRS Group suite of financial planning products and services are truly aligned with and are designed for today’s new breed of novice investors. SRS Group services are delivered in an environment that has a personal touch, easy to understand and simple to utilize.

You as a concerned investor can now choose a financial planning experience that is less stressful and more meaningful over the current traditional assembly line processes of big to midsize investment firms.

Kevin S. Spiller, Vice President of Financial Planning Services, a recent graduate of the University of Illinois School of Business and Commerce with a major in Finance provides personal one-on-one service.

The products and services offered are essential to a well-organized and systematic approach to addressing the adverse risk of investing in today’s volatile investment environment.

These products and services include, but are not limited to the following:

Retirement Planning (short and long term strategies)

Investment Portfolio Planning (detailed strategy)

Life Style Change Planning (children, major acquisitions and senior care)

Budget Planning (short and long term)

Debt Resolution Planning (debt consolidation, adverse credit history, bankruptcy)

Financial Planning Training and Education (equity investment, 401k, IRA, ESOP)

To learn more about these and other services contact Kevin S. Spiller