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Risk Management & Venture Development

The SRS Group strength lies in its individual and collective expertise. James S. Spiller, Executive Director, Risk Management & Venture Development Consultant and founder of the SRS Group studied Criminal Justice at Indiana University Northwest and has 28-years of combined law enforcement, insurance fraud and loss mitigation experience to leverage the necessary resources to provide the kind of products and services to small and midsize businesses and the public.

The SRS Group will assist small to mid-size businesses and consumers in protecting their limited assets against fraud, financial predators and poor financial management. Therefore, it’s products and services focus on detection, prevention, analysis, advocacy and advice.

The products and services offered are essential to a well-organized and systematic approach to addressing the problems of risk management and offer its own unique strengths, which foster a strategy for protecting financial assets of small to mid-size businesses and to seek new venture and business relationship opportunities.

These products and services include, but are not limited to the following:

Loss Prevention-Fraud Threat Analysis (claims and internal)

Loss Prevention-Fraud Tool Evaluations (software, expert systems, forensics)

Fraud Solutions Development (anti-fraud plans/programs, detection and prevention systems)

Partnership Development

Product Development

Strategic Business Alliances

Education and Training

To learn more about these and other services contact James S. Spiller