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Other than employer Benefit Coordinators or Human Resource Assistants, there are no Organizations, Groups or Individuals that offer services to assist consumers in the general management of their medical payment liabilities. There are also limited information available explaining processes utilized in the medical care-billing arena. Health care coverage providers and medical providers operate in a system they designed and understand.

The SRS Group suite of medical payment support services, provide assistance to the public in understanding their responsibilities and the responsibilities of their health coverage providers. SRS Group services are delivered in an environment that has a personal touch, easy to understand and simple to utilize.

Regina A. Spiller, Vice President Medical Payment Advocacy Services, an organizational management and supervision expert, earned a degree in Organizational Management from Calumet College and is a Certified Licensed Pharmacy Technician, can assist consumers in managing their health care costs to ensure they minimize impact to their personal assets and maximize access to their health insurance provider resources.

The products and services offered are essential to a well-organized and systematic approach to addressing the confusing and frustrating medical payment services environment.

These products and services include, but are not limited to the following:

Health Care-Needs Analysis (employee, individual and government plans)

Health Care Coverage Analysis (existing or prospective plans)

Provider Billing Analysis (doctors, laboratories, hospitals, clinics)

Coordination of Benefit Analysis (primary and secondary responsibilities)

Explanation of Benefits-Analysis (EOB) (who and what was paid and why)

Medicare-Medicaid Coverage Analysis (part A, part B and coordination)

Health Care Coverage Training and Education (CPT coding, ICD9 coding, EOB, Coverage’s)

To learn more about these and other services contact Regina A. Spiller